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Original Tiger Balm Red N Cream 19.4g

The effect of Tiger Balsam red is mainly based on its blood circulation-promoting properties. - To relax muscles and joints

Tiger Balsam red relieves symptoms such as movement pain or tension in the case of injury-related muscle pain, but the duration of the healing process is not affected.

Area of application: Injury-related muscle pain.

Usage and Dosage:

NATURAL MATERIAL: Pure Chinese medicine, without hormones and any western medicine. No chemical composition.

For external use only

Also ideal to take with you in your sports bag

Original Tiger Balm Red N Cream 19.4g

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    Content: 19.4 grams


    Ingredients: ointment with 11% camphor rac., 10% levomenthol, 7% cajeput oil and 6% peppermint oil

    Mandatory information

    Active ingredients: camphor rac. 1.1 g, levomenthol 1.0 g, cajeput oil 0.7 g, peppermint oil 0.6 g
    Areas of application: To promote blood circulation in the skin.
    Active ingredient concentration: 10 g ointment contain: Active ingredients: Camphor rac. 1.1 g, levomenthol, 1.0 g, cajeput oil 0.7 g, peppermint oil 0.6 g
    Dosage form: ointment

    Warning notices

    For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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