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Pampers Baby-Dry Online Shop

The most popular Pampers in Switzerland for years. Pampers Baby Dry . With us at an unbeatable permanent low price with us. Why Pampers Baby Dry are so popular:

3 absorbent channels

Pampers Baby Dry help to distribute the moisture evenly in the diaper. This way, there is no puddle, but the diaper distributes the moisture and locks it in.

Absorbent Micro Pearls ™

The Micro Pearls patented by Pampers absorb moisture and lock it in for up to twelve hours.

Drought situation

Pampers Baby Dry absorbs moisture and keeps it away from the skin of your baby away.

Stretchable side cuffs

The fit of Pampers Baby Dry , which is specially tailored to the baby's bottom, ensures comfortable wearing with increased leakage protection for the night.

Pampers Baby Dry is available in 8 different sizes.

Pampers Baby Dry number 2 for 4 to 8 kilos EAN: 8001090336354

Pampers Baby Dry number 3 for 6 to 10 kilos EAN: 8001090918048

Pampers Baby Dry number 4 for 9 to 14Kilo EAN: 8001090918079

Pampers Baby Dry number 4+ for 10 to 15 kilos EAN: 8001090918109

Pampers Baby Dry number 5 for 11 to 16 kilos EAN: 8001090918130

Pampers Baby Dry number 5+ for 12 to 17 kilos EAN: 8001090918161

Pampers Baby Dry number 6 from 13 to 18 kilos EAN: 8001090918192

Pampers Baby Dry number 7 from 15 kilos: EAN: 8001090672124

Pampers Baby Dry number 8 from 17 kilos: EAN: 8001090672162

Many parents ask us what we recommend. Especially inexperienced parents who are only expecting the child are often at a loss as to which diaper to buy. Experienced parents who have their first child always know what they want. Our tip to those who do not know exactly which diaper they need.

Important to know. In the first few months, the baby grows very quickly. Don't buy too much stock!

We recommend Pampers Premium Protection 1 or size 0 to start with, and then switch to Baby Dry number 2. With Pampers Baby Dry you are then taken care of until the child only needs for the night. If your child only needs diapers every now and then at night, the cheaper Pampers Sleep and Play is absolutely OK.

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