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Pampers actions.

We don't think much of Pamper's actions. With diaper campaigns you certainly earn money because you sell a lot. But the customer is forced to buy a lot during the promotion. And if he needs diapers again because he no longer has them, he has to buy more expensive diapers and is dissatisfied.

We bet on low prices. For us, diapers are always in the low price segment. We EXPLICITLY have no promotions. We have always published the individual prices per diaper transparently. Because it annoys you when you have bought diapers in a campaign and do the math at home and find out that it would normally have cost less elsewhere.

Diaper low price strategy

Hence our low price strategy for all diapers. Always low prices. Fair for the customer, and we are happy to have satisfied regular customers.

Ultimately, regular customers are our bread makers.

Newly arrived

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