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Babylove diapers Switzerland

Babylove reliably keeps the baby dry, traps liquids, prevents leaks from the side and is easy to put on or change. The Babylove active plus diaper even beats Pampers' market leader in the report by Ökotest magazine, as the latter criticizes the care lotion used with petroleum products and paraffins.

Extract of the diaper test 2014

The 2014 Ökotest winner, Babylove-Diaper aktiv plus, can also convince in our 2016 diaper test. It is available in four sizes and only costs an average of 15 cents per diaper. Incidentally, dm also offers eco-nappies under its own brand babylove at a price of around 17 cents each, so that environmentally conscious parents can also benefit from the

dm quality. However, the normal Babylove diapers are completely biodegradable, provided that they are disposed of correctly.