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DryNites Pajama Pants diapers offer unmatched protection for growing children.

- Night pants with age-appropriate designs. For both boys and girls.

-Side stretchable for a comfortable fit, almost like underwear

- Made from materials that don't rustle - for a quiet night

-With absorbent protection zone - discreet and reliable at the same time

If your child is concerned about wearing absorbent nightwear, here are a few reasons why you should try DryNites®:

DryNites® look and are used like regular underwear and are much more comfortable than rubber mats.

Show your child that DryNites® are made for older children and that they are by no means baby diapers.

Explain to your child that with the help of DryNites® they can wake up relaxed in a dry bed. There is no rude awakening waiting for a wet bed in the middle of the night or the next morning. With DryNites® your child will get safely through the night dry.

The DryNites pajama panties are available for:

DryNites girls from 4 to 7 years

DryNites boys from 4 to 7 years

DryNites girls aged 8 to 15

DryNites boys from 8 to 15 years old

There are also the bed underlay mats with a special underlay that prevents slipping.

Nowhere else do you get DryNites as cheaply as in the DryNites Online Shop Switzerland:

We at wish you every success.

DryNites Windel Marvel

DryNites pajama pants

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