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Pampers Baby Dry Pants online shop

Pampers Baby Dry Pants diapers in 3 different sizes

Baby Dry Pants Jumbo + size 4,

Baby Dry Pants Jumbo + size 5,

Baby Dry Pants Jumbo + size 6

With the Pampers Baby Dry Pants, putting on the diaper is child's play, because it is put on like a pair of panties.

The pants consist of a core with micro pearls and an extra sleeping layer. The micro pearls in the core of the diaper absorb 30 times its own weight in moisture and lock it in, and thanks to the extra sleeping position, the moisture is evenly distributed in the core during the night so that your baby's bottom stays dry for a long time.

In addition, the diapers are particularly breathable, which means that the residual moisture is released from the inside to the outside. The soft, stretchable cuffs ensure a good fit, a comfortable fit and optimal legroom.

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