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Huggies® Little Swimmers®

Going swimming is a great way to have fun and be close to your baby. Huggies® Little Swimmers® swimming pants do not swell in the water and protect against large and small mishaps in the water. Enjoy carefree splashing pleasure. With their Disney / Pixar pictures of Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, they look like real swimming trunks.

  • Elastic sides for a comfortable fit

  • One-time absorbent material, does not swell in water

  • Resealable sides for quick changes

Diaper sizes:

  • Size 2-3: 3-8 kg Contents: 12 diapers

  • Size 3-4: 7-15 kg Contents: 12 diapers

  • Size 5-6: 12-18 kg Contents: 11 diapers

What can swim diapers do. Do they really not suck up water but only pee and big business? No of course not. Swim diapers, whether by Huggies, Pampers or Babylove, are all designed similarly. They are practically not absorbent like normal diapers, but are practically only there to stop the solid business. They are largely tight so that nothing can get outside.

Swimming diapers test & comparison 2017 (by Mami & Papi editorial team)

Do swim diapers really do what they promise? In our test, we put swim diapers from Babylove, Babydream, Huggies and Swimmies to the test.

by Mami & Papi editorial team

Many parents use swim diapers for bathing fun with the little ones. These are available in supermarkets or at drugstore chains such as Rossmann and DM. Swimming diapers look like diapers but are printed in bright colors like swimming trunks. The vast majority of parents just put on their children’s swim diapers and do without swimming trunks.

The swim diaper test

The swim diaper should - like the usual diaper - fulfill two things: on the one hand to absorb urine and on the other hand to catch the "large".

We have tested the following 4 models:

  • Babylove (DM drugstore own brand)

  • Babydream (Rossmann drugstore own brand)

  • Huggies (available in various supermarkets and on Amazon)

  • Swimmies (available in various supermarkets and on Amazon)

Does urine stay in the swim diaper?

In all four swim diapers in the test, the dry diaper reliably soaks up liquid before taking a bath. So if your child plays with the swim diaper before splashing around, you don't have to worry about the density. As soon as the swim diaper is in the water, however, the absorbent core soaks up water and only absorbs minimal amounts of urine - of course: the wet swim diaper cannot differentiate between water and urine. The water gets into the diaper on the legs and soaks the diaper - you would have to cover it up with tape to avoid this. Since swim diapers want to offer children freedom of movement, they are not 100% waterproof on the legs and urine can get into the water.

Fall protection against "big things"

Children seldom play big in the water. If this happens anyway, swim diapers should provide protection and prevent them from "slipping out" into the water. In our test, no swim diaper lost anything from the diaper in the water. This speaks for the swim diaper in contrast to normal swimming trunks where something would slip into the water.

Swimming diapers comparison

Babylove 0.40 euros per diaper, source of supply DM

Babydream 0.33 euros per diaper, source of supply Rossmann

Huggies EUR 0.58 per diaper, available from Amazon or supermarket

Swimmies 0.68 euros per diaper, supply source Amazon or supermarket

Conclusion to the swim diaper test

Swimming diapers are ideal for bathing fun. The swim diapers do not restrict the child's freedom of movement and reliably catch "pee and big" when dry. If the swim diaper is in the water, however, the absorbent core soaks up and urine can run out of the diaper into the water. It is important that the larger business is reliably kept in the swim diaper until the diaper is changed. All swim diapers passed this requirement in our test.

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