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Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY TEA CUP Good Night

A lot of time for your extraordinary tea enjoyment? Do not you need. With My-TeaCup. Our compostable BIO capsules for Nespresso® ** systems give you an absolutely perfect cup of tea in just 40 seconds.

Actually, you should have been sleeping for a long time. Doesn't work. Too cranked. A cup of "Good Night" from My-TeaCup can help you. BIO capsule in your Nespresso® ** machine, press the button. Even the exquisite scent that orange and lavender subtly permeate takes you into a deeply relaxed world. Sweet and aromatic. This is how your "Good Night" cup tastes. Thanks to cinnamon, licorice root and fennel. With chamomile and lavender you let your soul dangle. Your very personal, relaxing tea moment. We wish you good night. Sweet Dreams!

EAN: 4251471400271

Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY TEA CUP Good Night

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    CONTENT: 10 pieces

    UNIT PRICE per capsule: Fr: 0.43

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®

    EAN: 4251471400271

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  • ingredients

    Many ingredients - many countries of origin - top quality. That's how it looks. With our mix "Good Night". The main ingredients are fennel, anise, chamomile, balm and lemon verbena. The fennel is doing well especially in Mediterranean areas. Warm and nutritious. This is how the floor has to be. The seeds go into the tea. Its cones are dried upside down after harvest. Among other things, we get the beneficial fennel from Hungary, China, New Zealand and Egypt. Our anise also comes from Egypt. It originally comes from the eastern Mediterranean. The seeds also come from him in the tea. And the beautiful chamomile. Today it is at home all over Europe. Also in North America and Australia. She travels for us from Egypt, Croatia, Hungary or Germany. She likes the soil fresh and rich in nutrients. It prefers to grow on loam, clay or humus. The lemon balm is also widespread: from Europe to Asia and Africa it unfolds its lemon-scented leaves. We get them from Egypt, Poland, Kenya and Greece, among others.

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