The healthy plus sterile compresses, 10 pcs

The healthy plus Sterile compresses are suitable for cleaning and covering wounds and abrasions. They are individually and sterile packed.

8.5 cm x 5 cm.

EAN: 4010355192387

The healthy plus sterile compresses, 10 pcs

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  • Instructions for use

    1. Please clean and dry the wound and surrounding skin thoroughly. 2. Open the sealed packaging by the tabs. The healthy plus sterile compress only touch the outer edge when removing it so that sterility is maintained. 3. Place the healthy plus sterile compress on the wound. 5. Fix the sterile compress with, for example, the elastic gauze bandage or with the adhesive plaster transparent from The Healthy Plus. The compress should be changed at least once a day. Do not use on highly exuding wounds. Check the wound regularly. Consult your doctor if healing does not take place. The instructions for use must be retained until the last sterile compress is used.

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