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More and more discount stores and supermarkets, but also drugstores, are now offering many different diapers at low prices. It was foreseeable that Pampers would have to react here at some point. With the Pampers Simply Dry, the company has launched a diaper on the market that can certainly compete with discount products in terms of price. But do the Simply Dry diapers also offer the same comfort as more expensive models? We got to the bottom of these and other questions in a test.

Even after a long night: convincing absorbency

The Pampers Simply Dry diapers are a little thinner than, for example, more expensive Pampers Baby Dry, but still offer good absorbency. During longer nights of ten or twelve hours it can happen that the little one's skin feels a little damp, which is not the case with the Pampers Baby Dry or comparable models. But especially during the day, when the diaper change rhythm has an interval of around two or three hours, this is not a problem anyway. But even on a longer night it rarely happens that something goes wrong.

The child remains flexible - plus when it comes to carrying comfort

The processing of the Pampers Simply Dry is not quite as good as in the more expensive models, given the low price. It can happen, for example, that the adhesive tabs on the side of the cuff can tear, which was rarely the case in our test. Since the Simply Dry are quite thin, they promise a correspondingly high degree of freedom of movement.

Product description

Pampers Simply Dry

When choosing diapers, parents are not only faced with the question of which product they like and which manufacturer they want to place their trust in. In the case of diapers, a product that is needed a lot and is thrown away even after a few hours of use, the price is often decisive.

With Pampers Simply Dry, you can do both, to get a good product at a good price. Thus, the question of the right diaper for the baby is quickly clarified and parents and child can devote themselves to the far more exciting events in life.

The Pampers Simply Dry: extra dryness and high flexibility

Pampers Simply Dry are as the name suggests - simply dry. Parents can rely on the Pampers quality and dryness that they are used to from other Pampers products. For Pampers users of all other Pampers diapers, but also for the Pampers Simply Dry, this means a safe feeling of dryness for hours.

Pampers Simply Dry even have an extra dryness layer. Nevertheless, they are not thick or even impermeable to air. This does not burden the baby unnecessarily and does not prevent the baby from discovering its exciting environment.

The flexible side cuffs, which move elastically with the baby's movements, ensure good mobility in the Pampers Simply Dry. The cuffs on the legs, on the other hand, ensure that nothing comes out here that does not belong outside.

Where so much dryness and freedom of movement are made possible, there is also something nice to look at for the baby. Funny figures on the front of the diaper make diaper changing an exciting thing, in which the baby can always discover something new.

This makes changing diaper more fun and the time until the next crawling adventure or the happy pounding on the crawling blanket will fly by with the fun motifs. The fact that mum and dad can even save money with these diapers becomes a pleasant minor matter with Pampers Simply Dry.

Pampers Simply Dry at a glance

  • For all those who save but want to keep the good quality

  • Proven Pampers drought

  • Super absorbent

  • Elastic cuffs with soft, wide Velcro fasteners

  • new, funny animal designs

  • available in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6

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