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The 3 absorbent channels help distribute moisture evenly and lock it in better. This means that the diaper will sag less and your baby will stay dry for up to 12 hours. The “parent” readers can confirm this: 91% recommend the new Pampers Baby-Dry diaper

* Basis: 341 interviewed parent readers, February 2016. The ELTERN magazine is available in DE, AT and CH.

Pampers Baby-Dry

Where did the pee go?

It was enclosed in 3 absorbent channels

3 absorbent channels

Help to distribute the moisture evenly in the diaper.

Absorbent Micro Pearls ™

Micro Pearls absorb moisture and lock it in for up to twelve hours.

Drought situation

Absorbs the moisture and keeps it away from your baby's skin.

Stretchable side cuffs

Provides a comfortable fit with increased leak protection for the night.

Pampers Baby Dry is available in 8 different sizes.

2 for 3 to 6 kilos

3 for 5 to 9 kilos

4 for 8 to 16 kilos

4+ for 9 to 18 kilos

5 for 11 to 23 kilos

5+ for 13 to 25 kilos

6 from 15 kilos

6+ from 16 kilos

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