VENTA 6001000 hygiene agent 0.5Lt

The Venta hygiene agent fulfills two main functions:

It changes 1. the hardness of the water so that no incrustations from limescale can occur. Bare sediment can be removed by simple rinsing every 10-14 days. It supports the evaporation process by preventing the water from beading off the plastic and thus ensuring that the stack of plates is completely wetted.


The ingredients of the Venta hygiene product do not evaporate. They remain in the device until they are poured out during cleaning (approx. Every 10-14 days). Just add fresh water every day - this reactivates the ingredients of the Venta hygiene product. After each cleaning, add a dose of the Venta hygiene product to the fresh water. In this way you can ensure that the air washer is working properly. One bottle is roughly sufficient for one winter season (5 months).


The Venta hygiene agent drastically reduces the surface tension of the water. In this way, the stack of plates rotating in the water bath is better wetted in the Venta air washer and cold evaporation is enabled. Sucked in particles or aerosols are wetted and caught in the water of the device. The room air is gradually freed from house dust, animal hair, plant pollen, but also from the nuisance caused by tobacco smoke and other unpleasant smells - virtually washed.

Active ingredients

When selecting the active substances, particular attention was paid to their non-volatility, so that apart from the evaporated water, no other ingredients get into the atmosphere. Otherwise the duration of action of 10-14 days would not be achieved.

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VENTA 6001000 hygiene agent 0.5Lt

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  • technical features

    Product type:

    Hygiene products

    Suitable for:

    Venta air washer


    0.5 liters

    Special features:

    For perfect hygiene and perfect continuous operation of your Venta air washer


    75 mm


    175 mm


    61 mm


    567 g

    Scope of delivery:

    Hygiene products, instructions for use

    Packing dimensions (WxHxD) (cm):

    175 mm / 80 mm / 65 mm

    Sales quantity:

    0.5 liters

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