Vanish stain remover powder Oxi Action White, 880 g
  • Provides whiter whiteness and stain removal
  • Up to 10 levels whiter from the 1st wash
  • Power white

The Vanish Oxi Action Powder White ensures a whiter white and impressive stain removal from the first wash. It does not contain any chlorine.

EAN: 4002448138389

old EAN: 4002448108009 + 4002448077558

Vanish stain remover powder Oxi Action White, 880 g

SKU: 33960
VAT Included
  • Warning notices

    We recommend wearing household gloves for sensitive skin.
    Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Color fastness and material compatibility
    always check an inconspicuous area beforehand. Rinse and let dry. Screw the cover back on after each use. It may be necessary to repeat parts of the application for best results. Do not use on sealed or treated surfaces (e.g. wood, metal, etc.). Not
    Use on textiles or carpets made of wool, silk or leather. Do not soak textiles with metal parts (e.g. zippers, rivets) or flame-proof surfaces. Do not expose pretreated or soaked textiles to direct heat sources or direct sunlight until they have been washed or rinsed thoroughly.
    Do not contaminate the product in the package.

    Contains sodium silicate. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing.

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