Scholl Gel Activ Everyday insoles for women, 2 pcs

Anyone who has had tired legs or sore feet after walking or standing for a long time will not want to do without the new insoles after the first try. • Cushions minor bumps when walking and everyday activities • Reduce excessive pressure • Fits shoe sizes 38 to 42; for cutting •

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Scholl Gel Activ Everyday insoles for women, 2 pcs

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  • Instructions for use

    Cut to size if necessary. Cut along the outline to match your shoe size or use the original insole from your shoes as a template. For the best result, remove the existing shoe insoles and replace them with the Scholl GelActiv® insoles with the GEL side facing DOWN. Replace the insoles when they show signs of wear and tear. A change every six months is recommended.

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