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Profissimo fruit fly trap, 1 pc

Profissimo fruit fly trap, 1 pc

The Profissimo fruit fly trap is a non-toxic trap that uses a natural mixture of attractants to catch fruit, fruit and vinegar flies.

- 8 weeks of action per bottle
- Contents: 1 bottle + 4 glue traps
- Effectiveness confirmed by an independent research institute
- Toxic-free attractant trap for catching fruit, fruit and vinegar flies
The fruit fly trap has been awarded the 'Blue Angel' eco-label.

EAN: 4010355337047

Profissimo fruit fly trap, 1 pc

SKU: 30705
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  • Instructions for use

    Unscrew the bottle cap and place the bottle in the trap base. Remove the protective paper from one of the traps and insert the ready-to-catch trap into the base. Before the bottle is opened, it should stand upright for at least 30 minutes. You will get the best catch results in the immediate vicinity of possible infestation sites (e.g. fruit bowl).

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