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Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY-TEACUP Very Berry

These tea capsules fit into any standard Nespresso® coffee machine. Rinse the machine briefly, then remove the foil from the tea capsule and enjoy the tea

Compostable tea capsules

Enjoy organic tea in organic capsules made from renewable raw materials. Intended for approx. 200 ML (2 DL) cups.

Deep, intense berry red. In your cup. "Very Berry" from My-TeaCup enchants you with its wonderful color. Simply put the ORGANIC tea capsule in your Nespresso® ** machine, press the button. When you enjoy a hot cup of our ORGANIC fruit tea blend, you will experience a sensual and pleasant dream - no matter what time of day. In which you look incomparably good. The rose hip is included. It contains a lot of vitamin C, antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Sweetish, fresh taste. Licorice and hibiscus are also part of it. The exquisite fragrance and the seductively intense, natural berry aroma take you into a world in which you can completely let yourself go. Your very personal, indescribably fruity tea moment.

EAN: 4251471400035

Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY-TEACUP Very Berry

SKU: 31845
VAT Included
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    CONTENT: 10 pieces

    UNIT PRICE per capsule: Fr: 0.43

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®

    EAN: 4251471400271

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  • ingredients

    Natural berry aroma. Along with rose hip, hibiscus and liquorice. They become best friends in your "Very Berry" mug. Great for you: an incomparable taste experience.

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