Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY-TEACUP Mint Intense

These tea capsules fit into any standard Nespresso® coffee machine. Rinse the machine briefly, then remove the foil from the tea capsule and enjoy the tea

Compostable tea capsules

Enjoy organic tea in organic capsules made from renewable raw materials. Intended for approx. 200 ML (2 DL) cups.

Phew! You are pretty exhausted. But you should still give it full throttle. Now a quick energy supplier is required: "Mint Intense" from My-TeaCup. Insert the BIO capsule into your Nespresso® ** machine, press the button. And immerse yourself in a refreshing world. Enjoy your extraordinary and energizing tea moment with our ORGANIC peppermint tea. Menthol and essential oils. They are contained in the leaves. Let yourself be carried away by the fresh taste. From the intense scent of the mint leaves. Thanks to our protected aroma technology, they bring their full aroma into your cup.

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Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY-TEACUP Mint Intense

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