Mivolis Ultra Sensitiv plaster strips, 12 pcs
  • For extremely sensitive skin
  • Can be removed painlessly and without leaving any residue
  • With a gentle silicone gel adhesive

Thanks to the innovative silicone gel adhesive technology, the Mivolis Ultra Sensitive plaster strips adhere optimally to the skin and can still be removed gently, painlessly and without leaving any residue. These special plasters are particularly suitable for extremely sensitive skin, such as in children and the elderly, and for repeated wound care over a longer period of time, such as for smaller surgical wounds. The plaster strips can easily be stuck on again if a correction of the position should be necessary.
Adhesive: silicone adhesive, hypoallergenic, latex-free.

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Mivolis Ultra Sensitiv plaster strips, 12 pcs

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  • Instructions for use

    For covering skin injuries. Carefully clean the wound and surrounding skin. Change the plaster at least once a day and check the wound
    Silicone adhesive, hypoallergenic, latex-free
    For single use only.
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