Mivolis kinesiology tape, 1 roll, 5 m
  • Supports and stabilizes muscles, ligaments and joints
  • Unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Breathable and water-repellent
  • For sport and therapy

Mivolis kinesiology tape is ideal for supporting injured and tense muscles, ligaments and joints. The elastic tape stabilizes without restricting mobility and can be applied with more or less stretch as required. It is comfortable to wear on the skin, breathable and water-repellent. The kinesiology tape is versatile.
Bandage adhesive: acrylic adhesive, latex-free.
This article is available in different colors / motifs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-select a specific color or motif for this order.
* Packaging contains at least 70% recycled content.

EAN: 4058172311925

Mivolis kinesiology tape, 1 roll, 5 m

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  • Instructions for use

    Application: Before use, carefully read the enclosed instructions for use including cutting and taping instructions as well as the safety instructions.

    The tape can usually be worn for several days, but should be replaced every 3–5 days. In the case of sensitive skin or a tendency to allergies, the tolerance should be tested on a smaller area of the skin. If skin irritation (e.g. redness or itching) occurs, use should be discontinued. See a doctor if symptoms persist. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Preferably have the applied tape checked by a doctor or physiotherapist. In the event of pregnancy, diabetes, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, severe injuries or doubts about the cause of the symptoms, seek medical advice before using the product.

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