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KERL biofoil garbage bags 25l / 5 pieces

Unfortunately not available at the moment.

Our buying tip. This organic waste bag is the right size for a 4-person household, is good, does not tear and is absolutely tight.

These garbage bags and garbage bags for fruit and vegetable waste are biodegradable and ideal for the organic waste bin or the organic waste bin. Our compostable garbage bags are certified according to the EN-13432 standard. The organic garbage bags are tear-resistant and environmentally friendly. The bags fit into pedal bins or organic waste bins. The advantage of organic waste bags is that they keep the organic waste bins clean and can easily be composted with the fruit and vegetable waste. Bio bag 25 liters with 5 bags. 100% compostable.

KERL organic waste bags are useful helpers for the hygienic and clean disposal of all organic waste.
  • Rots in your bio bin within a few weeks, free of pollutants
Contents: 5 pieces
Notes: Contains renewable raw materials such as corn, wheat or potato starch and vegetable oils.

KERL biofoil garbage bags 25l / 5 pieces

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