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Frosch toilet cleaner raspberry vinegar, 750 ml

The Frosch toilet cleaner raspberry vinegar is a powerful cleaner that naturally removes limescale, urine scale and dirt deposits in the toilet thanks to its powerful formula. At the same time, it combats unpleasant odors. All Frosch products are vegan and cruelty-free and made without harmful ingredients such as microplastics. The bottles are made from 100% old plastic.

- Has a powerful effect on limescale and urine scale
- Lime dissolving with raspberry freshness
- Vegan and cruelty free

EAN: 4001499943430

Frosch toilet cleaner raspberry vinegar, 750 ml

SKU: 32070
VAT Included
  • Instructions for use

    Press the safety cap together ("1") and unscrew it ("2"). Spray into the toilet and under the rim, let it work, if necessary brush a little and rinse off. Do not spray on marble or other acid-sensitive materials.

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