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Frosch liquid laundry detergent baby hypoallergenic 1500 ml

Ariel BABY Dermatologically Approved 1100 ml

The Frosch Baby detergent was specially developed for the needs of babies, toddlers and allergy sufferers and is suitable for white and colored laundry. The powerful formula offers high washing power and removes even stubborn stains at temperatures of 30 ° - 95 ° C. At the same time, the hypoallergenic formula with natural chamomile extracts is gentle on clothing and skin and is therefore ideal for delicate baby skin. The Frosch Baby detergent has been dermatologically tested for skin tolerance and does not contain any coloring or preservatives. The carefully selected fragrances also reduce the risk of skin irritation. Ecolabel certified.

EAN: 4001499923531

Frosch liquid laundry detergent baby hypoallergenic 1500 ml

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