Felix Snack for Cats, KnabberMix Dreikäsehigh, 60 g

An irresistibly colorful mix of treats that smell delicious and taste irresistibly delicious. With omega 6, vitamins and proteins. Gives your cat energy and health.

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Felix Snack for Cats, KnabberMix Dreikäsehigh, 60 g

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    Meat and animal by-products (35%) *, cereals, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, milk and dairy products (0.5% cheddar powder, 0.5% gouda powder, 0.4% Edam powder) **, minerals, sugar, yeast, Fish and fish by-products (* corresponds to rehydrated 50% meat and animal by-products, with at least 26% meat). (** corresponds to rehydrated at least 1% Cheddar, at least 1% Gouda, at least 1% Edam).

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