dmBio coffee, caffè crema, whole beans, Naturland, 1 kg
  • Naturland quality
  • Particularly gentle, traditional long-term roasting
  • Full-bodied, aromatic taste
  • Vegan by nature

For our dmBio Caffè Crema we use finely ground arabica beans from the high altitudes of Peru, Honduras and Papua New Guinea. Due to the traditional, particularly gentle long-term roasting, the beans develop their full-bodied, aromatic taste and velvety-fine character.

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dmBio coffee, caffè crema, whole beans, Naturland, 1 kg

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    Exact product name:
    Roasted coffee
    Ingredients: organic roasted coffee, whole beans. 100% arabica beans *. * from organic farming.
    If several countries of origin are listed, the raw materials for this product are sourced from one of these countries, depending on availability.
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