Your best main food - menu for dwarf rabbits, 1 kg

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This menu for adult dwarf rabbits is a delicious mix with colorful snack rings which, in combination with the vitamins and trace elements it contains, support the natural defenses of your dwarf rabbit. Selected ingredients such as grains, vegetables and fruits can contribute to a balanced diet. A full treat for your dwarf rabbit and perfect for every day.

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Your best main food - menu for dwarf rabbits, 1 kg

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  • ingredients

    Nutritional additives / kg: vitamin A 12,243 IU (3a672a), vitamin D3 1,300 IU (E671), vitamin E 41 mg, vitamin C 105 mg, manganese 13.9 mg (E5), zinc 19.3 mg (E6), copper 5.40 mg (E4), iodine 0.06 mg (3b202), iron 81.3 mg (E1), selenium 0.1 mg (E8)
    Sensory additives: dyes

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  • Feeding recommendation

    Give your dwarf rabbit approx. 8 tablespoons (approx. 60 g) in small portions throughout the day. Please feed in the hay. These details are guidelines. Individual needs vary depending on age, breed, housing conditions and activity. The additional feeding of snacks should be taken into account in the daily ration. Provide sufficient drinking water.