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babylove hygiene wipes disinfecting perfume-free 15 wipes (for object

Hygiene wipes disinfecting perfume-free 15 wipes, 15 pcs

babylove hygiene wipes clean and disinfect medical products (e.g. clinical thermometers), toys and surfaces quickly and particularly gently. The perfect hygiene protection for at home and on the go, when traveling, in community facilities and in medical facilities.


Instructions for use

Thoroughly wipe the surface with the disinfectant wipe. Allow residual liquid to act for at least 60 seconds. The application for surface disinfection with conditions and exposure times can be found in the product information and the instructions for use. Close the package well after use. Once the wipes have dried out, a disinfection effect cannot be guaranteed. Skin compatibility has been dermatologically rated as "very good". Objects that are put in the mouth should be wiped dry after cleaning. Remaining residues of the liquid are harmless to health. Keep cleaning agents and disinfectants out of the reach of children. Please read the instructions for use before use. Do not throw it in the toilet.

New EAN: 4014838092171

old EAN: 4010355126047

babylove hygiene wipes disinfecting perfume-free 15 wipes (for object

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    CONTENT: 15 pieces

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    PRICE per PACK: Fri: 2

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