Respiratory protection corona mask protection class 8-pack, Care Artewizz brand

The three-layer disposable dust mask provides effective protection against dust, pollen, powder and much more. Thanks to the flexible headband and the ergonomic shape, the mask can be adapted to any face shape. The delivery includes 8 dust masks.

Technical specifications:

    • Protection class FFP2
    • protects against dust, pollen, powder, etc.
    • Flexible headbands
    • Inside with foam rubber strips for nose pad
    • Scope of delivery: 8 pieces
  • conforms to the EN149 standard
  • NOT a medicinal product
  • NOT suitable for aseptic work environments

What do the terms FFP

FFP1 respirators may only be used in work environments in which no toxic or fibrogenic aerosols or dusts are present. The 4-fold occupational exposure limit (AGW) of FFP1 respirators must not be exceeded. With a degree of separation of 78%, a maximum of 25% of the particles in an FFP1 respirator may pass through the mask (total leakage). FFP1 masks are mainly used in the construction industry or in the food industry.

FFP2 In work environments in which there are harmful and mutagenic substances in the air, FFP2 respirators should be used. FFP2 respirators have a degree of separation of 92%. The occupational exposure limit (OEL) may be 10 times as high as the industry standard. FFP2 protective masks protect against less toxic dust, mist and smoking.

FFP3 respirators are suitable for toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive particles. With a degree of separation of 98%, the mask retains at least 98% of the particles if the mask is properly seated. FFP3 masks are used in laboratories when dealing with viruses and bacteria or when processing wood.

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Respiratory protection corona mask protection class 8-pack, Care Artewizz brand

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    FFP stands for "Filtering Face Piece". Breathing masks are mandatory at workplaces if the occupational exposure limit (OEL) is exceeded. The FFP class depends on the total leakage and the filtration of particle sizes up to 0.6 μm. The total leakage depends on the fit of the protective mask on the face and nose and on the filter opening.

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