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Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit

Stay dry longer without sagging

Up to 12 hours of dryness

Pampers® Premium Protection ™ Active Fit


Today we have a classic review for you. This time a diaper test. We were allowed to try out the new Pampers Active Fit. And we are always happy to be involved in campaigns like this, because product tests like this are really interesting and fun.

At this point I would like to emphasize again in advance that no opinion is bought with such test reports. You try out the product really freely and then write about it openly and honestly. =)

The new Pampers Active Fit diapers from the Premium Protection range are even softer, drier, more elastic and more breathable than their predecessors. According to Pampers, they are the diapers with the greatest freedom of movement for babies and toddlers. They have been available in stores since mid-January 2015.

When the sample parcels arrived, I first unpacked the diapers curiously and then examined and felt them extensively. The diapers are really very thin, ... so not as bulky as many other diapers.

The design is simple and cute. The diapers feel very soft on the inside as well as on the outside and the cuffs are in fact very flexible and elastic. By that I mean that they don't look as if they could constrict your skin when you wear them.

We then decided to recreate the classic drought test from TV advertising.

For this we put one of Lotte's usual diapers, a Pampers Active Fit, two handkerchiefs and two containers ready. We filled the latter with colored tap water.

I was really curious whether this test would go exactly as it is promised in the commercials. Because, as is well known, it is (unfortunately) often the case that advertising presents many products more positively and better than they actually are in the end. This often leads to annoyance and frustration when buying new ones.

So I found the idea of ​​recreating the drought test from the Pampers advertisement very funny. =)

Micha helped me so that I could capture the whole thing in a small series of photos at the same time.

We poured exactly the same amount of liquid into both diapers. Then we waited a few seconds until both diapers had completely absorbed the liquid. Then we pressed a handkerchief onto the inside of the diaper.

The result was amazing. We were really surprised that the test actually turned out exactly as advertised. We are always very skeptical about such things.

But it's really true: the handkerchief on the Pampers Active Fit stayed completely dry. That on the "competition diaper" soaked through immediately. And that, although Lotte usually wears one size bigger, which means that the left drugstore diaper should actually have more capacity than the right Pampers.

We wanted to know that more precisely or to exhaust the whole thing even more.

So we again (!) Poured the same portion of water on both diapers. Then Micha braced herself with a lot of force on both diapers.

And this result was also convincing.

The left handkerchief was already really wet, the right handkerchief was still mostly dry. If you felt it with your fingers, you immediately got clammy hands with the competing diaper, with the Pampers hands stayed dry.

If you now transfer that to baby's bottom, it is of course clear which diaper performs significantly better here.


Really impressive! In all honesty, I would not have thought it myself. After this test, however, I'm really considering switching back to Pampers - for our crumbs.

Lotte is of course in the process of getting dry at the moment. That's why she wears diaper panties and will probably not need them much longer. In between she goes to the toilet really well. But for us, after Krümelchen's birth, a new diaper time will soon begin.

The Pampers Active Fit are also great for changing and carrying. They are very elastic and seem very comfortable. Nothing constricts on the legs, stomach and bottom, even after long periods of wear. And the bottom actually stays dry.

The test was really very informative for Micha and me. And we really approached the matter quite impartially. After the drought test, we even considered that it would actually be quite interesting to re-enact other commercials at home. In any case, I would be very excited about some products. =)

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